autohaem smear is a simple mechanical device for producing semi-automated blood smears.

The bill of materials (csv) can also be downloaded as an CSV.


3D printed parts


Step 1: Screw eyelets

Screw the eyelet into the main body.

Screw another eyelet into the slider.

Step 2: Attach hinge components

Attach the hinge component to the main body with a 3 x 12mm screw, with a M3 washer in between the hinge component and the main body.

Repeat for the opposite hinge.

Step 3: Attach rods

Push the rods into the hinge components. If they are not tight, use some glue.

Step 4: Insert slider's linear bearings

Push the linear bearings through the holes in the slider.

Step 5: Connect spring

Attach the spring onto the eyelet on the main body.

Slide the slider onto the rods, and attach the other end of the spring onto the slider.

Step 6: Attach rod holder

Push the rod holder onto the rods. If it is not tight, use some glue.

Step 7: Lubricate rods

To help smooth the motion, lubricate the rods with some light oil.