Assemble Lid


Step 1: Attach the LED pushbutton onto the lid

Push the bottom of the soldered LED pushbutton through the circular hole in the corner of the lid.

Step 2: Attach the sensor switch onto the lid

Place the soldered limit switch in position on the lid. Screw the sensor switch and the lid together using two M2x10mm screws with a M2 hex screwdriver.

Step 3: Place the sensor switch lid on top of the sensor

Attach the limit switch lid onto the base using two M3x8mm screws with a M2.5 hex screwdriver

Step 4: Secure the rod into place

Insert two M3 nuts into the nut traps of the rod holders using a M2.5 hex screwdriver.

Insert the 100mm ground steel rod through the rod holders and secure it using two M3x8mm screws.

You have now successfully built the assembled lid. You will need this later.

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